One day in moskenesstraumen, Å, Lofoten

As winds dropped and the guys were almost tired of cods we decided to go halibut fishing instead.

We began the day with driving trough moskenesstraumen around the south tip of lofoten. The waves were extremely pretty breaking on the rocks so we stoppad there for a while, just looking at the scenery. We drove up on the north side and started with some fishing for place. We got one common place and quite a lot of common dab.

After this we started fishing for halibut. We got one just under 120cm on the first drift and had a lot of contacts. For some reason they were hard to hook. They only seemed to nibble on the tail and after the first halibut we did not manage to hook any more.

Maybe it has something to do with the water temperature because all the halibuts except one we have gotten this year have been pretty lacy, and have not fought hard at all – they have more felt like rocks than fish…

Well well, today is rather windy so we are planning to head out this afternoon instead – cods are probably there biting as usual.

Hannes Ribbner, Å