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The boats

Nordic Sea Angling have the best rental boats that you can find in Norway. We take safety very seriously so that you as a guest are able to feel safe, even in the rough conditions we can experience up in the North. Normally we are 4-5 fishing individuals per 23,5 ft Arronet boat with Honda/Suzuki 135-150 horse power outboard motor. The boats are equipped with the best map plotters, echo sonar, VHR-radio and in most cases radar too. In addition you will find gaffs, halibut gaffs, tail-loop-ropes for C&R, rulers, hook removers, rod holders and necessary safety equipment.

The fishing positions are stored in the map plotters and together with our experienced guides you as a guest have the best chance of a fishing experience out of the ordinary. The boats are fully refueled at arrival. The gas stations take most common debit cards such as VISA, Mastercard etc. All boats are equipped with a Tracker-system for an increase in safety.

If one desires to be fewer than 4 in the Arronet boats it can be arranged for an additional fee. This shall be communicated during the booking of your trip. At Havøysund and Å we have guide boats that take 4-5 guests + guide. Contact us for more information about booking the guide boat.

In good conditions fishing trips can be longer and in worse weather the trips are likely to be shorter. Every boat is welcome to follow the guide boat during fishing trips. We have a fully equipped Arronet boat resting at dock as a reserve boat at each destination. This is a sizeable investment on our part that we have taken in order to reduce the risk of our guests missing out on fishing opportunities due to faults arising in our boats. We also have a full-time mechanic who during high-season will travel between our camps and maintain the high standard and functionality of our boats.

Please communicate at time of reservation if you have any specific requests about choice of boat, accommodation etc.

From May 1 2010 new regulations were introduced for boat drivers in Norway. Boat drivers on boats of 8 meters or longer, or with a motor capacity of over 25 horse powers, must possess a boat driving certificate if born after 1980. For boat drivers that are born prior to 1980 the new regulations do not apply.
Arronet 27 fot (more info)
Guide boat Havøysund
Arronet 23,5 fot (more info)
Nappstraumen (7 st), Havøysund (10 st), Å (7 st, one of which acts as a guide boat)
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